We started Corporate DNA with a dream. A promise.

We wanted to handcraft and tailor make every leadership program with the unique threads of each client’s business requirements. Handmade and hand-delivered with passion, colour and confidence.

After a directorship in global consulting and a career immersed in over 20 countries, our founder Rhea Leckie (Duttagupta), was infected by the creative tension of wanting to go behind-the-scenes and unpicking people’s potential at a deeper level. This of course implied ‘earning the right’ to work at their DNA level. The ability to access and utilise our full self to navigate through such times of social, commercial and generational change would be essential to this new entrepreneurial journey. This also meant multiple techniques would have to be blended to design and deliver the right solution.

She handpicked the team over a two-year period. Corporate DNA was born in London in 2007. “It wasn’t until our first three global clients started referring to us as the ‘DNA people’, we knew our brand was a success.”

“In a world which increasingly puts the ‘why’ before the ‘what’, our purpose is simple. Let’s build the best version of people by getting them to see, feel and act differently.” That’s the story behind our name, and that’s the sentiment behind our purpose. We apply this to CEOs, directors, leaders, managers, teams, and individuals.

That’s a bold promise to ourselves which translates into a sincere commitment to our clients. Today we work with the top 3 FTSE 100 companies, Vodafone, HSBC and BP along with PepsiCo, Pfizer, Coutts, EDF Energy, Dubai Holding, Northern Trust, DS Smith and others. Our work is mostly sponsored by the highest levels in the business. For most clients we work at group level and deliver across local geographies – UK, Continental Europe, Turkey, India, South East Asia and Africa. We are invited to speak and teach at business schools such as INSEAD, Chicago Booth, London School of Economics (LSE) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta.

Our Advisory Panel chaired by Sir Alan Collins OBE, keeps us stretched and fresh.

We were national semi finalists for HSBC Start-Up star awards in 2009 and Rhea was one of the six finalists for the Women of The Future Awards in 2008 for Corporate Britain patroned by Cherie Blair.

Corporate DNA opened its second office in Singapore in 2013.

Where are we going next? Building leadership in the worlds of corporates, sporting and education.

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HSBC start up award

Partners with HSBC bank to support key initiatives during new global CEO transition
Women of the future award

Finalist for Successful Entrepreneur in UK
British Indian award

Finalist for Global Entrepreneurship
Leadership it's in your DNA Book

Book launched