Background: CorporateDNA recently rolled out an eight month Leadership programme for a global group of Emerging Potential and Future Successors in HSBC, for up to two levels below the Senior Executive Team, covering a UK, US, Malaysian Chinese and French group mix.

From a participant: “I’m sure you will receive a lot of mails from us all saying thank you. As you mentioned today, thank you does not really capture the sentiment I would like to convey. There are life changing moments throughout your career and personal life that help define you and and then redefine you. Those crossroads that you face can either be embraced or listened to, but no looked over.”

“I like to think I’ve truly embraced these last 7 months and truly feel a different person for it and feel truly privileged to have been given the opportunity to develop myself and be part of developing others. I know others around you and your team did a lot to input into this process, but you and your team shaped and delivered it, and boy did you do a good job. I cannot thank you all enough for your help, support and genuine engagement in caring about us all not just treating us like another client. It felt as though you lived and breathed this with us and were vested into our investment in you. You have been instrumental in helping me develop and hopefully take my career to the next level, leading a team of 300 globally dispersed people to the benefit of myself and others and there aren’t words that adequately say how grateful I am.”

Background: In 2009, CorporateDNA rolled out a six month Leadership programme for a European group of talent graded Emerging, Rising and Future potential in EDF Energy following the mega merger with British Energy. This added its own dynamics and complexities to manager and deliver against. This is an email from the lead sponsor following the intra module action learning set he attended:

“Thanks for your note below which I can very much relate to on many of the points you make! As before I genuinely enjoyed my time at the morning sessions and I do see significant positive differences in my people that are engaged in this programme and I also see an appetite for more. I say this despite the low/dip they may be feeling/experiencing and that as you predicited we might have expected.

I also would again like to congratulate you on your personal commitment and depth of thinking and experience that you bring. It is exceptionally obvious that for you and indeed your team this is a vocation and has a personal impact on me and gave me an important lift at an important time, when the merger makes it a demanding and stretching time for us. I am surprised by some of the cultural perspectives coming out…perhaps we can discuss in more detail when we meet…my feel is that I have personally become detached and am not connected with the street…let’s talk!

The leader of the future idea resonates with me and I agree it is important to join this to the company context of this and not localise it too much. I would very much like to be a participant in the further meeting about personal trajectories for the participants and will ensure the diary space is found!”

I first had the pleasure of encountering Rhea in 2005 when her ex-consulting firm were commissioned to deliver an HR Transformation programme at my company. The required change was significant – moving from a transactional ‘personnel’ department to a strategic business partnering function. As programme manager on the client side, I was under no illusions this was going to take some significant insight, education, diplomacy and influencing at the senior levels to execute differently. Fortunately, Rhea was our Programme Director.

CorporateDNA’s ability to partner and consult at every level of an organisation is second to none. It’s a rare ability, in my opinion, to be able to cut through the ‘corporate noise’, which naturally seeks to mask the underlying issues, and be able to formulate an assessment that is devastatingly accurate. Moreover, it’s Rhea’s keen insight into the mechanics of large complex organisations, her commercial mindset and true appreciation for the human reactions to change that deliver practical strategic recommendations and tangible return.

All of this delivered effortlessly through highly effective business partnering and an acute intellect I have not encountered in any other consultant to date”.

Your talk at our women’s event was fantastic, even though we only had a short while. The feedback was excellent and your handouts were snapped up from the table! A great and fresh inspiraction.

‘I’ve known Rhea for almost two years now. As the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Senior Director for Business Excellence at the international real estate development and investment arm of Dubai Holding, I was responsible for the HR development programmes of the organization. Over these years Rhea supported the organization in key human capital development programmes including: leadership development, team building, mentoring and coaching, organizational vision, core values and competencies development and identification to name a few.

Rhea has always proven to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She was able to customize theories and adapt them to suit our own conditions and circumstances. Her excellent leadership and communications skills enabled her to manage the organisation’s leaders and employees coming from completely different backgrounds and 37 countries. Through a mixture of “straight talk” and having fun approaches, Rhea was able to make compelling cases of areas of strength and improvement for our organization. In addition to the utmost respect of her professionalism, she was able to make a personnel connection with all those who dealt with her. She makes all feel special with a special kind of warmth. This led all to be extremely transparent, truthful, and candid when being around her. I believe that this type of special relationship tremendously helped in ensuring the success of the initiatives that she led.

I have known the CorporateDNA team for over 5 years and as a CEO of Pfizer Hellas I believe that they have great clarity about identifying current issues facing my organisation, assessing the factors that are impacting the people in the business, and designing customised interventions based on real principles. They have helped me with change management, development plans for my leaders and managers, coaching, communications skills e.t.c.

One of the most powerful impacts of CorporateDNA team’s approach is that they model the principles they preach. This reinforces concepts in their interventions and builds their capability with all those they work with. CorporateDNA have tremendous positive energy and their impact and influence on my senior team is very credible.

CorporateDNA’s biggest impact on me personally has been a better understanding of my own self as a leader leading an all-male management board. Their influence at senior levels is critical to success. CorporateDNA have excellent insight into people and that enhances the effectiveness of their advice to me.

I would be delighted if you will work and advise us through our talent journey this year. I feel you understand the reality of our world and challenges. We have neither the resources capabilities that many of your other clients take for granted. That’s what makes our challenge so interesting and demanding. You can help to make a difference for us.