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Drawing from real wisdom of cross-cultural leaders, our book unveils the 10 core human ingredients to thrive in an unpredictable world

it's in your DNA

it's in your DNA

This book provides readers with a framework of ten tools distilled from Rhea’s extensive experience and research. She argues that these tools are innate within us and that if we recognise their importance and enhance them within ourselves, they’ll help us maximise our achievements and our leadership qualities.

The book unfolds experiential stories from 6 chairmen, 16 CEOs, 5 leading musicians, 2 sporting athletes, 2 famous chefs, a policewoman, young Gen Y bright students, rising stars and high potential managers, principals/teachers, ministers, social workers, a priest, a poet, film maker and record producer.

My dream with this book is simple.  To show you that your leadership DNA sits alongside your biological DNA.  You already have the ten ingredients to unlock and release your unique blend.  I now hand you the key.




Understanding of and belief in our self, scripting our life stories, four kind of beliefs, identity versus reputation, confidence, happiness and success.

Concentration, determination, distractions, knee jerk reactions, prioritisation and focusing on "what matters".

Sharpening our instincts in decisions we make, the art of sniffing, how instincts manifest, the rational v irrational part of instinct, validating our hunch, from sensing nudge to taking action.

Overdone strengths, tipping points, managing our dark side vs. keeping gremlins at bay, derailment, bright/dark twin pairings, redirecting strengths, golden balance between extremities.

Tenacity to bounce back and use adversities as opportunities.

Stage, authenticity, plot, storytelling, congruence, presence, the arc of distortion between intention and perception.

Channeling and harnessing our emotions with skill and courage, good versus bad emotions, the map of our feelings, blind spots, destructive power of negative emotions, the heart of energy, emotional mastery.

Building our imagination muscles, the power of dreaming, releasing the triggers hidden in sub conscience, the creative spirit, the role of the critic, the realist and the dreamer.

Our ability to harness fear as a positive, good fear from creative tension, bad fear from learnt reactions, emotional reactions to fear, types of fear, effect of fear, how brain channels fear and dealing with fear.

Our ability to make (and destroy) our own luck.

our readers say

our readers say

Attitude, Belief, Creativity and Instincts, being ingredients we are born with, create closer human connections releasing the natural leadership in us all.

Angela Arhendts, CEO


There is a true leader in all of us and Rhea Leckie insightfully reminds us that our own unique qualities combined with crucible learning moments and some humility can unlock the inner compass for a meaningful and rewarding life.

Paul Polman, Group CEO


Origins and roots are important. If you can’t remember and respect where you have come from, it’s hard to drive where you are going.

Stuart Gulliver, Group CEO


Whoever we are each one of us faces a moment which calls on us to lead. This book prepares us for those moments.

Dr Han Seung-soo, 35th Prime Minister of South Korea

UN Special Envoy for Climate Change

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