Women In Leadership

We help women leaders master their inner games with real confidence and authenticity to shape strong outer games
Helping Women leaders master their inner and outer game

CorporateDNA’s Women in Leadership programmes shape organizational ambition to empower and advance women executives as a source of competitive advantage through well-crafted development journeys.

Our programmes result in clear winning proof points. More than 70% of candidates have been promoted up the pipeline from Senior Manager to Director positions, and more than 80% of candidates from Director to C-suite positions.

Our grasp of the organizational’s context, prevailing culture/mindsets, and “pipeline issues” give us the expertise and insight to push through infrastructural and interpersonal challenges in the leadership pipeline, such as: unconscious biases, scarcity of role models, and a peer group that shrinks the more senior they become.

The best programme I have attended in a professional context. The specific focus on women AND business accelerated my leadership effectiveness. Coaches were incredible. An intense but rewarding programme.

Commercial Director, Financial Services UK

Now I stand on big stages and receive amazing feedback, and I have this programme to thank for it.

Julie Feltham, Commercial Risk & Governance Lead AVIVA

CorporateDNA offers gender inclusive programmes to women in leadership at different phases of their career line across 4 key life stages – late 20s, mid 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, where we observe several patterns play out, including:

CorporateDNA offers two options for these programmes:

1. Women in Leadership (Face to Face) Programme

A holistic internal programme to advance women over a 9-12 month journey.

A distinctive process of co-creating an end-to-end journey for developing Women in Leadership, tailored to your unique needs, challenges, and competencies. This is an intensive 9-12 month programme that requires delegates to be involved, vulnerable, courageous, and invested in self-discovery.

The design covers a wide range of topics including:

We deliver the experience through a set of pragmatic roadmaps linked to the business agenda.

2. Women in Leadership (Virtual bite-sized) sessions

Key topics in bitesize format and interactive webinars. 

All programmes are comprehensive and fully integrated with:d

CorporateDNA’s Women in Leadership programme has proven successful through strong shifts in performance. This is indicated by a greater sense of confidence, mission, assertion, authenticity, faster decision-making, and a deepened sense of connection with their team, peers, and organization as a result of the programme.

CorporateDNA knows all the processes, tools, and levers for highly experiential execution that delivers results.

Here are our illustrative tools that activate the magic of the 5H©:
Women in Leadership Programme Booklet

In all of our programmes we always:

Engage us when:
What we Deliver:
You have a deficit of strong women leaders in the pipeline, at both Manager and Director levels, and want to build their readiness for career advancement.
  • Leadership and succession strategies for fast tracking female talent and preparing them for the future
Capable, “ready now” women are subconsciously holding themselves back from growing further.
  • Release limiting beliefs in women who are capable but self doubting to clearly articulate their value proposition and create a career strategy to support their goals
You want to create powerful partnerships and role models between high-potential women leaders and industry mentors.
  • We enable women to become confident in the role of a trusted advisor for others
  • We identify key shapers in and outside of your organization.
You want to intentionally develop Asian women leaders for global roles.
  • Build a winning Asian Women Talent Pipeline
  • Foster an inclusive culture in your organization to increase the representation of women in senior leadership roles in APAC
  • Nurture and develop high-potential women to strengthen your leadership pipeline 
  • Adapt your leadership style to lead and inspire your teams in a VUCA environment in APAC

What senior women executives say about us:

A huge thank you for all of your support across the ALIO programme over the last year. This programme came at just the right time, and it was certainly the most useful training event that I have ever attended. I learned so many tools that I use in my day-to-day role now.

Also, a special thank you for your excellent 1-1 coaching session because the content and support was excellent. The whole programme has culminated in a shift in my mindset of what I am capable of and has increased my self-confidence.
Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Client


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