Inclusion & Diversity

We take I&D to a real place of bold culture change and performance amplification, where Inclusion goes beyond fixing unconscious biases

CorporateDNA lives a fundamental belief that Inclusion and Diversity is an organization’s leading differentiator. Our clients really value the ‘humanity and honesty’ we bring to taking I&D from awareness-building and bias training to a real place of bold culture change and performance amplification.

CorporateDNA’s Inclusion and Diversity programs are committed to building capacity in leaders to engage with intersectional thinking and inclusive conversations, addressing unconscious biases, identifying gaps in alignment, unlearning for transformative learning, and working through growing pains, as leaders align with inclusion and diversity goals. By building on these capacities, your leaders will be proficient in establishing psychological safety, constructive and authentic dialogue, and encourage visibility across all members of the leadership team.

Thank you so much for the two fantastic I&D workshops you ran with our Canadian Board and ExCo this week. We had a great session with DNA and you as independents really got us engaged and excited. The involvement was excellent with a number of clear action items to help redefine our role and how we spend our time.
Chief People Officer
AVIVA, Canada
The highest-value half day we have had for our understanding of Inclusion as part of the Board’s legacy. Highly pragmatic with a great foundation for how we shape our brand as a PLC Board and a Leadership Team.
Executive Chairman, Group Board Global Financial Services Client, UK
CorporateDNA knows all the processes, tools, and levers for highly experiential execution that delivers results.

Here are our illustrative tools that activate the magic of the 5H©:

CorporateDNA offers a distinctive process of addressing I&D needs through Twin Tracks of unbiasing the organization (fix lens) while building an Inclusive organization (builds lens). The Fix Track focuses on addressing bias, overhauling organizational fixed wiring, developing active listening, and scaling an inclusive, psychologically safe culture of feedback.

While most consulting firms focus on ‘fixing’ organizational culture, CorporateDNA goes beyond resolving immediate needs and blind spots. By integrating the “Build Track” to the I&D program, we focus on constructing organizational culture and infrastructure for inclusion and diversity that is made to last, on top of creating strategy for the here-and-now. The “Build Track” is aimed at driving and sustaining performance, impact, and growth through your leaders’ I&D readiness. In addition, CorporateDNA navigates difficult conversations and facilitates self-reflection in leadership teams through the Unconscious Bias Triangle, which addresses different crucial aspects to individual and professional identities, through the lens of Self, Organization, and Theatre (i.e. Function and Region).

CorporateDNA’s Inclusion & Diversity program has proven successful through strong shifts in performance, indicated by greater risk-taking and innovative ideas, increase in speed of execution, and greater team engagement. More than 70% of candidates have expressed overall reform in organizational culture e.g., real debate and less false harmony, and stripping out fear of failure, judgement, and rejection in favor of authenticity and confidence. CorporateDNA has also been rated one of the best providers to deliver a structured, I&D experience virtually with the same impact and ROI (face to face, live online, moderated online, or as self-directed learning.)

CorporateDNA is invested in building inclusive leaders who are able to thrive in complexity (of identities, functions and lived experiences) while unifying their teams with purpose. This ensures that I&D in leadership is not the ‘brand’ of an individual leader, but a commitment and accord that drives the team towards equity, accountability, and honouring others for their inherent value and potential.

In all of our programs we always:

Engage us when:
What we Deliver:
You want to activate the highest leadership in your organization to role model I&D, e.g., Executive Teams, PLC, Executive Committees, Group Leadership Teams, Regional Leadership Teams.
  • We amplify, challenge, and accelerate the collective wisdom of senior leadership teams. 
  • CorporateDNA will lead the team through an end to end I&D roadmap, starting with personal and organizational bias identification, moving through to the removal of the barriers to access that are created by these biases. 
  • We focus on business-relevant outcomes, deepening the relationships within senior teams, and fostering greater organizational harmony.
You want to activate and embed I&D in a particular region, e.g., Asia Pacific Regional Teams, European Regional Teams, Sales and Marketing functions, Digital Transformation functions.
  • Our I&D program cuts across representational and functional biases.
  • Our inclusion program is tailored to your regional business needs, completing the local culture, and aiming to deliver a robust pipeline of inclusive talent through an end-to-end leadership experience.
  • We design client-centric I&D roadmaps ranging from 3m to 18m designs, based on budget, availability, and resources.
You want to impart unconscious bias training for the entire organization digitally.
  • We deliver highly engaging bias training which defeats the #sameold diversity training.
  • We deliver both in-room and online training using next generation tools to capture individual biases and playback organizational goals.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence-powered video interviews and multi-lingual transcription, it is possible to cover large workforce populations in a swift and efficient manner.
  • CorporateDNA can create digital assets to be embedded into Organizational LMS or support hybrid learning solutions with a range of tools and real-time facilitation.
You want to intentionally build I&D as part of organizational growth strategy and business impact.
  • Our inclusion-rich design where diversity of composition and inclusion of diverse perspectives is a central red thread of our leadership program – across gender, nationalities, and functions.
Activate the Gender Track - You want to develop Women in Leadership as part of your I&D program.
  • We empower female leaders with access to tools that support resilience and psychological safety. 
  • We align business outcomes with program outputs to ensure commercial relevancy. 
  • We support and overcoming the impact of previous individual challenges to focus on future progression.
Activate the Ethnicity Track - You want to intentionally build ethnic diversity as part of organizational growth strategy.
  • Our acceleration programs for local high potential talent creates fertile ground for individual growth while ensuring organizational values remain front of mind. 
  • We deepen the understanding of individual leadership styles, and the effect it can have on employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
Activate the Youth Track - You want to intentionally develop young professionals across diverse groups, e.g age and generational gaps, gender, ethnicity.
  • Acceleration programs for local young talent who show potential through role mastery for the future.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging through the empowerment of next generation workers while supporting the focused commercial output.
  • Rounding off the hard skills with the key soft skills that will enable accelerated growth to key leadership positions.


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