Leadership Development

We deem 'whole leaders’ are made when released out of their comfort zones. We activate individual & collective leadership to create real change makers who pay it forward by building stronger cultures

Leadership development is one of the most critical business issues that organizations are faced with today. Great leaders are born and made in equal measure. CorporateDNA brings the power of neuroscience, adult learning principles with business pragmatism to programs that are designed from a “whole person” approach. This focuses not only on “what the leader should do”, but also on “who they should be” and “why they should lead” by pivoting behavioural changes, rewiring mindsets and stretching people outside of their comfort zones to make better decisions.

CorporateDNA’s leadership development program helps leaders discover their true potential through self-directed learning by tapping into their strengths and managing their interferences, e.g., fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs, to experience exponential growth. In partnering together, leaders expand their capacity to fully show up, get real and creatively solve any challenge or opportunity they face.

CorporateDNA’s leadership program has been proven successful over the last 14 years and has helped fast track people’s careers to lucrative leadership positions. More than 91% of the candidates have built confidence, credibility, character and advanced their visibility and impact within the organization. CorporateDNA has also been rated one of the best providers to deliver a structured, leadership development experience virtually with the same impact and ROI (face to face, live online, moderated online, or as self-directed learning.)

Our NPS scores have ranged from 75-90% over the last 14 years across clients from multiple industries and cultures.
Rhea Leckie, Founder
CorporateDNA knows all the processes, tools, and levers for highly experiential execution that delivers results.

Here are our illustrative tools that activate the magic of the 5H©:
Critical mass of influencers

In addition to ROI for the delegate, CorporateDNA is very passionate about activating the power of the leadership cohort as a critical mass of influencers in the leadership program. This ensures that it is not about creating an elite group, but rather creating change makers who pay it forward to the wider business and inspire others to create sustainable shifts in the organization.

In all of our programs we always:

Engage us when you want to:
What we Deliver:
Nominate a global pool of 50-100 high potential leaders across your global population or across a region for stronger leadership impact and effectiveness
  • Our trademark leadership development programs start by co-creating an end-to-end process of defining the key success criteria for the ROI on a leadership investment, followed by a careful nomination process to develop a critical pool of high potentials and engage and develop them through a holistic development process to destination roles.
Create a local leadership program to drive a pipeline of local talent
  • Our program is tailored to your regional business needs and delivers a robust pipeline of ready-now talent through an end-to-end leadership experience
  • We design constructs that offer roadmaps ranging from 3m to 18m designs based on budget, availability, and resources.
Have a compelling narrative with a clear WHY to engage the organization on leadership development
  • We provide upfront investment on “whatever it takes” to create a roadmap of engagement, hard proof points with key milestones and a strong narrative around your leadership purpose so every stakeholder is aligned to the “Why”
Have flexibility, relevance and choice in shaping customized leadership program designs

Our programs are designed by experts in learning design and content curation, enabling learners to advance their personal development – when and how it works best for them

  • Personalizes learning to the delegate/cohort
  • Develops talent with relevant, recommended learning stimulus
  • Engages learners with curated, updated content on a wide range of topics
  • Integrates learning into busy work diaries through “bursts and sprints” approach
  • Creates a community of social learning
Retain talent in critical roles through long term engagement and retention
  • Our process helps your talent drive growth opportunities in the business to improve bottom-line performance and drive strategy execution without getting stuck or stagnant
  • We create learning teams that show impact through a few important projects, creating a “halo effect” that builds confidence with other stakeholders
  • This creates a leadership culture based on values of ownership and releases energy back into the organization through strong business contribution
Drive Inclusion and Diversity as a real enabler of success through the leadership agenda
  • Our inclusion-rich design where diversity of composition and inclusion of diverse perspectives is a central red thread of the leadership program in leadership across gender, nationalities and functions.
Make leadership development sustainable beyond the planned program delivery
  • We provide education for sponsors and leaders on how to apply CorporateDNA’s proprietary 5H© method (Head-Heart-Hunch-Hands-Habits©) to sustain the transformation and measure it year on year.
  • Our fully owned digital ecosystem using the “behavioural nudge theory” hardwires the shifts in leaders so you can continue progressing on your own through self-sustainable methods.
MT Fast Track, our flagship leadership program is helping us not just develop chosen leaders but shape a bold, high performing and inclusive culture in Asia across our 26 markets
Heineken, Regional Director


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