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CorporateDNA originated in London in 2007. Today, our firm has transformed into a radically human and customer-obsessed leadership consultancy, headquartered in London and Singapore. With an inspiring team of 60 senior practitioners delivering services across 36 countries, everyone is united behind a bold purpose of making leadership real. We have built an enduring reputation for breathing purpose into environments and creating authentic moments of magic in everything we do across Culture, Leadership, Talent, High Performing Teams, I&D and Coaching. In our 15-year journey, CorporateDNA has been helping clients deliver exceptional results on transformations across global companies such as Unilever, Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Coca Cola, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Aston Martin and others.

CorporateDNA’s proprietary 5H© methodology of Head-Heart-Hunch-Hands-Habits© delivers exceptional value, each time, every time to translate Board and CEO intent into action. CorporateDNA has invested in long standing partnerships, from C-suite executives and leadership teams to front line leaders, enabling clients with stronger and better results. CorporateDNA makes it our business to know executives extremely well because we care, beyond formal titles.

Within the first 18 months in the UK, CorporateDNA earned the right to partner with 3 of the top 10 FTSE companies – HSBC, BP and Unilever – to deliver ground-breaking programs. From there, CorporateDNA’s reputation grew and was endorsed across 30 countries. To this day, 50% of the top 10 FTSE 100 companies are long standing clients with CorporateDNA who continue to collaborate in their gains and pains, their dreams and aspirations, and their challenges and bottlenecks towards a stronger future.

CorporateDNA’s journey started in London, from a place of deep curiosity and a relentless belief that the trademark of a consulting firm lies in delivering results, beyond promises. It lies in first earning the right to enter and interpret a client’s world.

Placing honest, well crafted, gritty insights on the table, acting with courage and integrity, and collaborating with leaders on diverse solutions helps shape a stronger future. My own personal journey and purpose mirrors that belief having lived in over 20 countries across diverse cultures and challenges. CorporateDNA’s purpose is to enable businesses to shape a stronger, inclusive world by releasing potential from the inside out.
Rhea Leckie, Founder
There is a true leader in all of us and Rhea Leckie insightfully reminds us that our own unique qualities combined with crucible earning moments and some humility can unlock the inner compass for a meaningful and rewarding life.
Paul Polman, Group CEO

In 2014, CorporateDNA set our Asian HQ in Singapore, and rapidly expanded its footprint with blue-chip APAC clients such as Heineken, Shell, GSK, Aston Martin, Disney, and others.

In 15 years, CorporateDNA’s work has sat at the epicentre of industry leaders. The common thread in all of these stories is around building strong leadership capabilities and creating mindset and behavioural changes from the inside out.

Examples include:

Corporate DNA partnered with EDF Energy on Leadership & Culture Transformation during EDF Energy’s $26.1 bn takeover of British Energy

Corporate DNA partnered with HSBC to bring its new values to life under the sponsorship of Stuart Gulliver, Group CEO, in 2011

Vodafone chose Corporate DNA as its strategic partner to deliver its flagship Top 100 program for 7 consecutive years (2011 to 2018)

With roots in Big 4 Consulting, the genesis of CorporateDNA is that a consultant’s obligation is to cut through complexity, connect the threads and deliver the truth. We want to take off language which hides real problems and bring solutions and transformations that are true to the lived realities of our clients. Accessing this truth and the powerful transformation that it entails, depends on honesty, courage, and authenticity.

Rhea Leckie, Founder

Rhea Leckie, Founder





CorporateDNA was the Best International Leadership Consulting Firm for the Corporate Excellence Awards 2022. The Founder, Rhea Leckie, was in the Top 10 Women Leaders in the UK for Women Entrepeneur India in 2021. CorporateDNA were finalists at the British Indian Awards in 2015, semi-finalists at the HSBC UK Start-Up Awards in 2009 and finalists in the Women of the Future Awards in 2008.
Finalist 2008
Semi Finalist 2009
Finalist 2015
Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in the UK 2021
Best International Leadership Consulting Firm 2022

Our Values

Our Values are deeply human-centric, and always in service of a client's greatness. We never compromise on these values, no matter how complex the circumstances

Creative Flow

Our creativity exists not only in the big ideas, but in the flow, the details and the frameworks that hold everything together. For us, execution should feel like a seamless flow. From how solutions are found, how ideas are presented, to how clients are engaged, we find ways to ignite energy in ways that are fresh, relevant, and inspiring.


In CorporateDNA, boldness lives in duality with humility. Our designs, ideas, and methods of challenging and supporting are bold in order to play at levels beyond traditional comfort zones. However, our bold ideas are incubated through humility, to deliver strong, sustainable results. We are confident, but never arrogant.

Relationship Centricity

We believe in the sanctity of mutually empowered relationships with clients, where we learn from each other. We hold the space for our clients to be their real selves and meet us at a place of true partnership. We are committed to walking alongside them every step of the way. Our clients should always feel us as deeply invested in their present and future.


Our relentless quest for excellence is anchored in our passion to address real issues and deliver real results. We know we have made a difference when we see engagement results fly, performance rise, collaboration ascend, and also in the numerous heartfelt messages we receive from a place of personal gratitude.


We believe ‘trust’ and ‘truth’ live in an infinite and sacred cycle in our client partnerships. We invest in long term trust through how we show up at all times. We help our clients with the ‘hard right’ rather than the ‘easy wrong’. With a strong sense of courageous ownership, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver breakthrough results.

5H©: Our DNA methodology

CorporateDNA’s proprietary 5H© methodology is the neuroscience led formula behind their proven results and global success. It was born from the core belief of “whole leadership” where true transformation requires integration of ALL of the learner’s faculties, not just their brains and minds. “The brain doesn’t want to learn alone. It wants to feel, sense, live and act out the learning.”

Whether it’s culture transformations, leadership development, building high performing teams or coaching executives, the connecting thread without exception is the sanctity of the 5 faculties; Head, Heart, Hunch, Hands, Habits ©.

How one thinks, reasons and interprets a situation
How one feels, relates and connects through emotions and others
How one senses and taps into their intuition
How one takes action through choices and decisions
How one creates sustainable change through repetitive rituals, practices and actions

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Our Team's Global Footprint

Our Team's Global Footprint

With offices in London and Singapore, we deliver programmes in over 25 countries through our highly experienced team across Asia, Europe, UK, Latam and the U.S.

CorporateDNA combines global experience with local insights to meet you where you are today.

With over a decade and half of success stories, these partnerships are not only a testament to CorporateDNA’s capabilities, but also the passion behind the work.