Client Challenge
In 2017, leading Global Insurance company, Aviva, wanted to adopt a serious, visible and new lens on Diversity and Inclusion starting at the top with the Group PLC Board. The emphasis was placed on decreasing the gender, ethnic and generational gaps among the company’s talent.
Truly embracing diversity goes beyond appreciating people for who they are, regardless of their background. It’s about recognizing the breadth of talent, expertise and perspectives they bring to the table. Instead of integrating them into a common culture, it’s about celebrating the differences and empowering people to share their uniqueness. This is what we mean by "inclusive diversity" which lies at the heart of how we do business at Aviva.
Chris Wei, Global Chairman of Aviva Digital and Executive Chairman
Aviva Asia, Global
ExCo member
CorporateDNA Solution

Aviva partnered with CorporateDNA to enable the group PLC to curate a program called “Inclusion: Lenses and Legacies” with two targeted tracks.

Track 1: Inclusion and Diversity for the Group PLC Board (2017-2018)

The first track worked with the Group PLC Board, sponsored by the Executive Chairman Sir Adrian Montague, to help shape an Inclusive Legacy. These workshops aimed to define the Inclusion ambition for Aviva and carried an element of personal reflection for the Board to reposition themselves by representing the new Asian and millennial consumer base. CorporateDNA worked with both Executive and Non-Executive members to learn how to leverage areas of difference as a core strength for innovation, with the combination of individual life stories and unconscious biases.

Thank you so much for the fantastic two workshops you ran in Canada this week. We had a great morning with Rhea and Jamie and the independents really got engaged and excited. The involvement was excellent and it was a great session. We had a number of clear action items to help redefine our role and how we spend our time.
Aviva, Canada Board led by Maurice Tulloch
(became Group CEO, Aviva)
Track 2: Accelerating Women Leaders (2016-2020)
The second track, sponsored by Group HR Director Sarah Morris, worked with over 100 women in leadership at Senior Leadership and Senior Management levels over 3 years. The inner work included Personal Brand Impact, Courageous Leadership and Authenticity. The harder skills included Commercial Acumen, Decision Making, Creative Problem Solving, Collaboration, Networking and the Feedback Cycle.
The company is now led by several senior women who were promoted into commercial roles during the ALIO journey.

Wow what an inspiring movement you have started. I came away from my time with you feeling incredibly proud and energized and curious as to how much change and impact you can make. I am pleased that several of the participants have fed back the impact the program has had on them.

Sarah Morris

Global Chief People Officer AVIVA

The CDNA workshops were fantastic!

Sir Adrian Montague

Exec Chairman AVIVA 2018

Not what I expected ... much better. This has jump started our team development by six months and is the highest value half day we have had for our development. Highly pragmatic with a great foundation for how we shape our brand as the Candian Executive team.

Aviva, Canada ExCo team led by Colm Holmes


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