Client Challenge

As a legacy brand in the beverage industry, Coca Cola was due for a reset – with 32 markets, 4.0 billion consumers, and an industry retail value of ~$281 billion, there was a need for organizational alignment, and to update leadership behaviours and mindsets. In 2018, Coca Cola introduced a set of new behaviors and performance indicators globally.

We continue to invest for sustainable growth in the future, and we remain very focused on raising the performance bar everywhere to capture the opportunity available to us.
John Murphy
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice-President, Global Executive Team, Coca Cola
CorporateDNA Solution

John Murphy, APAC President and CEO appointed CorporateDNA to deliver a culture transformation for a newly formed APAC Leadership Team in 2018, who were responsible for 32 APAC markets and their supporting functions. Our prework concluded that the burning platform for this culture transformation was a new leadership team learning to embrace new mindsets, unlearning cross functional siloes, and creating a new starting line across the experienced LT members to form a consistent baseline. CorporateDNA ran a series of sessions with this newly formed APAC leadership team, with a focus on embedding these newly released winning mindsets and identity, to ensure APAC role-models these new behaviours that would unleash the power of the market, over an 18-month period.

In the same 18-month period, CorporateDNA also enabled Coca Cola Japan in implementing several changes in their leadership team, as they prepared for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

In partnership CorporateDNA distilled the 4 global mindsets into liveable everyday behaviours and worked through an engaging set of workshops at the regional and country level, to activate confident, inclusive, and collaborative behaviours that would make this LT win.

Track 1 (Regional Transformation): Coca-Cola APAC
As a result, over 18 APAC LT leaders at the helm of the region were able to directly apply their learnings from the program and saw increased performance and motivation in their team members as they were held accountable through growth dialogues and were inspired to be catalysts in shaping perception and organizational culture:
Track 2 (Country Transformation) : Coca-Cola Japan
Over 25 LT leaders in Coca-Cola Japan were able to tap into their strengths and manage interferences, such as fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs. There was a deep and neglected need for emotional assurance and authenticity in the leadership team that was unleashed in this transformation. Results reported included:
Great feedback on the CorporateDNA facilitation of our Asia Pacific Leadership Team - level of engagement and key themes that were generated was great work!
John Murphy
President, APAC Coca Cola
Thank you for the great couple of days with my Japan LT the DNA fitness report which summarizes well the key findings and priorities. Refreshing breakthroughs!
Jorge Garduno
Coca Cola, Japan


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