Client Challenge

As an industry leader, the Tech business within Morgan Stanley was due for a culture transformation. With 15k technologists supporting 10 billion transactions, the top 150 directors were experiencing a need for a change of mindset and culture.

We operate in a dynamic environment that changes by the minute, requiring …. Technology is no longer something that supports the business, it is at the core of our business. I want the MD conference to be the foundation for all 150 Directors being aligned on mindsets and behaviours needed for this Culture transformation within Tech
Rob Rooney
Head of Technology, Operations & Firm Resilience
CorporateDNA Solution

CorporateDNA was appointed to deliver a mindset and behaviors transformation for the top 150 directors across 25 global locations at their annual MD conference in New York in 2019. Our pre-work concluded that the burning platform for this culture transformation was leadership’s concern about a Big loss of: “Our Edge, Our Leadership position, Our Competitive Advantage, Our Credibility, Talent, Productivity, Revenue depletion……along with being viewed as old and lethargic!”

In partnership CorporateDNA distilled 5 mindsets and worked through an engaging set of workshops to fight inertia and cynicism while creating supporting behaviours for each mindset. The session was delivered experientially in real time with the highest levels of engagement.


As a result, over 150 leaders were able to dial up honesty in looking at the mirror, the need for a collective change in the DNA of this community, giving and receiving feedback, applying their learnings from the program and to innovate and create an ownership culture. Results reported included:

We have never been so honest in a room before, that too all together.
Maybe the mindset change we have been talking about is being born right here!
Tech MD
Morgan Stanley, 2019


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